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Meet Ellen Benoit

With a background in anatomy and biosciences, our founder understands the importance of safe, reliable natural products

Gone to Green Market was founded by Ellen Benoit as a way to put her knowledge to good use. For 15 years she worked in a hospital environment in the laboratory running millions of blood screenings and tests, everything from routine screenings to rare tests for specific illnesses. This experience gave Ellen a good understanding of the human body and the tests used to diagnose health. After her time working in the hospital laboratory, she moved over to the corporate world to use her laboratory knowledge to develop medical products for sale.  

Each experience has given Ellen a unique perspective that allows her to understand both the human body and the rigorous testing medical devices and products must endure to be placed on the market.

Unfortunately, many other products we use every day aren’t required to be so heavily regulated. Name brand cosmetics, cleaning products, and personal care items don’t have to undergo such stringent tests before reaching the marketplace, and for this reason can be  less safe than we assume.

Ellen uses her knowledge to thoroughly vet and research ingredients to ensure they meet high quality standards. She reads labels and understands the chemistry behind them. And, this venture comes naturally to her. Growing up she was taught by her parents to recycle, methods of living waste-free, and how to care for the planet we live on. Natural products and green living are truly in her blood.

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