7 Reasons to Add Bamboo Fabric To Your Wardrobe

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7 Reasons to Add Bamboo Fabric To Your Wardrobe

If you’ve never worn bamboo fabric, you’re really missing out. Here are 7 reasons we love wearing bamboo!


1. Bamboo is sustainable

Did you know that bamboo is a grass? It’s true! It grows natively all over the world except in Europe and the Antarctic. There are more than 1,500 species of bamboo, some of which can grow as tall as 13 stories.


Not only can it grow to be very tall, it also grows extremely quickly. According to Guinness World Records, some species can grow almost three feet in a single day or a whopping inch and a half every hour! Bamboo can be harvested between three to five years after planting. Once harvested, it will simply grow a new shoot from the same root system, meaning you don’t have to keep planting over and over.


2. Bamboo is eco-friendly

Bamboo is naturally pest resistant. So, unlike cotton, it does not require the use of pesticides or herbicides to thrive. In addition, bamboo plants have modest irrigation needs.


2. Bamboo is biodegradable

Not all fabrics are biodegradable, but organic bamboo fabric is one of them. It is estimated that bamboo takes about 4-6 months to biodegrade. Compare that to silk, which shows signs of biodegradation after 4 years or wool, which takes 1-5 years.


4. Bamboo is super soft

The texture of bamboo fabrics isn’t what most people imagine. They think it’s stiff and uncomfortable, but in reality the texture of bamboo is more like silk. Cotton is actually more abrasive than bamboo is.


5. Bamboo is moisture-wicking

Not only does it feel great against your skin, it’s also 300 percent more absorbent than cotton. In fact, bamboo is able to hold up to three times its weight in water. This means that as you wear it, bamboo fabric pulls moisture from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. 


6. Bamboo is anti-bacterial

Bamboo is a natural choice for sportswear and athletic wear due to its antibacterial properties. Some studies have shown that fabrics such as wool and cotton actually cause bodily bacteria to multiply (when you sweat), while others such as bamboo seem to destroy bacteria. Want to reduce your body odor? Wear bamboo!


7. Bamboo is durable

Want to build a more sustainable wardrobe? Choose garments and fabrics that are durable. Much like denim fabric, bamboo can withstand multiple washings without break down or compromised durability. In fact, bamboo is one of the most durable fabrics.


It’s easy to see why we are such big fans of bamboo fabric! If you’re looking for additional ways to incorporate bamboo into your life, read our blog Bamboo: What You Need To Know About This Awesome Plant.

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