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Is Natural Toothpaste Effective?

Did you know that the average person spends 3,000 hours brushing their teeth in their lifetime.With so many questionable ingredients in traditional toothpaste brands, the safest option is a natural toothpaste. But, is natural toothpaste effective? Let’s take a look and see!

Many dentists agree that the toothpaste industry is due for an overhaul, especially with common ingredients such as SLS and microplastics. More than ever before, consumers are looking for more natural options. Most dentists still recommend the use of fluoride, however. We recommend doing a little research and drawing your own conclusions about fluoride. You can decide for yourself whether using fluoride is worth the risk.

What are the benefits of natural toothpaste?

Natural toothpastes clean your teeth without the use of questionable ingredients. After all, we can do without the foaming agents, artificial ingredients, dyes and microbeads, can’t we? 

1. Natural toothpaste is safer for you. Many additives in conventional toothpaste can be absorbed into your body, affecting your nervous and/or reproductive system, even potentially causing cancer. Natural toothpaste eliminates those toxic ingredients to gently, yet effectively clean your teeth and freshen your breath.

2. Natural toothpaste is safer for children. Young children inevitably swallow toothpaste, thereby ingesting the ingredients. Without the use of triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and other toxic additives, swallowing a little natural toothpaste would be far less harmful.

3. Natural toothpaste is better for people with sensitivities. Additives like fluoride and SLS can cause inflammation and irritation. For those with sensitive teeth and gums, that can be excessively irritating. Organic and natural plant extracts such as aloe vera and tea tree oil are much more gentle.

4. Natural toothpaste is better for the environment. Where does toothpaste go when you spit it out? Yep – down the drain and into our waterways, of course. Did you know that the ingredient triclosan (found in Colgate Total – 52.6 million units sold in 2019) is a registered pesticide? Think about that for a second. Choosing a natural toothpaste will keep ingredients like this out of our water. In addition – is it time to consider a toothpaste alternative that uses less packaging?

What is our favorite natural toothpaste?

Our favorite safe and natural toothpaste is Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil And Neem Toothpaste in Wintergreen. It offers a more natural option for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The non-abrasive, fluoride-free formula blends herbal extracts, essential oils and minerals to effectively remove plaque, leaving you with clean teeth and minty fresh breath. In addition, there is so much to love about Desert Essence as a company, including their commitment to harvesting nature’s best ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably sourced. Impressively, their certifications include:

✅ Non-GMO Project


✅ USDA Organic

✅ B Corporation

✅ Leaping Bunny

✅ Plus: gluten free, vegan, no artificial dyes or fragrances and made in the USA

Are you looking to eliminate more toxic chemicals from your personal care products? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Going Green for tons more ideas and information to help you get started!

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