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We’ve scoured the internet to find the best recommendations from makeup experts and brush manufacturers to determine one thing: what to look for in a good set of makeup brushes. See what we’ve found out and learn why it’s time to invest in the right tools!

World-renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown notes, “It’s important to invest in a few key brushes,” and we agree. Here are the brushes she keeps in her bag:

• Eye shadow brush – Look for rounded bristles that cover your lid in one swoop.
• Blush brush – Look for one big enough to cover the apple of your cheek in a single swirl.
• Eyeliner brush – It should be a flat, firm brush with curved synthetic bristles—they hold their shape longer.
• Eyebrow brush – Find one that has short bristles cut on an angle.

What to look for: makeup brushes that are vegan and eco-friendly

“Any brushes made out of plastic – unless it’s recycled plastic – and animal hair should be avoided,” says Hannah Liddle, an ethical specialist with Cosmetify. “Plastic waste is becoming a widespread epidemic and though make-up brushes aren’t made of single-use plastic, they will eventually get thrown away and end up in landfills. If we want our make-up tools to be as waste-free as possible, we even need to look at the packaging. Obviously, when shopping online, it’s not easy to tell how the brushes will be packaged, but when shopping in-store, it’s definitely something to bear in mind. For conscious shoppers, animal-hair brushes are also a big no. Sourcing animal hair for make-up brushes is deeply unethical, whether they’re cruelty-free or not,” she adds.

Natural vs. synthetic bristles

Many makeup artists recommend natural bristles, however, from a cruelty-free standpoint, we strongly disagree. (Who wants a squirrel in their makeup bag anyway? Not us!) The good news is that synthetic bristles have come a long way…and all without harming a hair on any animal’s head. Need another reason to go with synthetic bristles? They are actually much easier to keep clean. The cuticles on natural bristles (aka hair) have tiny cracks that hang onto the makeup. This makes them very hard to clean. With synthetic bristles, you don’t have to worry about that, so they are easier to clean and will, in turn, last longer.

Tips for caring for your makeup brushes

You’ll want your new brushes to last a long time, and with proper care, you can keep them looking and working like new. The key is keeping them clean. Luckily, cleaning your brushes is easy! Take your gentle shampoo and add water, lather and rinse with clean water. Push the bristle in one uniform direction and lay flat on a clean towel. Clean your brushes at night, that way they will be dry and ready for use in the morning.

What sort of brushes does Gone to Green recommend?


Honeybee Gardens Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Brush Set

HBG Makeup Brushes

This Honeybee Gardens brush set has got it all! It is made from sustainable, natural bamboo; the soft bristles are made from taklon which is cruelty-free; and the ferrules are made from recycled aluminum. Even the convenient carrying case is made from natural cotton and hemp. It has everything you need to apply your make up like a pro.


The six piece set includes:

→ Powder Brush

→ Angled Liner/Lip Brush

→ Lash and Brow Brush

→ Angled Shadow Brush

→ Concealer Brush


These are professional makeup artist quality brushes, and best of all, they are certified vegan and cruelty free.


Everyday Minerals Eco Botan Artisan Kabuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Kabuki Makeup Brush

Everyday Minerals‘ stout and conveniently small brush’s design is based on those used in traditional Japanese kabuki performances. Its soft synthetic dome-shaped bristles are formed this way to uniformly apply powders to the entire face, creating remarkably natural-looking coverage. This brush is incredibly portable and can fit in the palm of your hand!


We love that it is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! The brush handle is made from 100% renewable bamboo and the bristles are dense and plush, making them perfect for mineral application.




Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki Brush

Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki Makeup Brush

The longer handle on this brush allows for more dexterity when applying both face powders and blushes. Its rounded top is great for grabbing onto pigment, so tapping out excess powder before the application is a must depending on the intensity of color you would like!


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