Why Buy Organic Products?

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Why Buy Organic Products?

The organic industry has brought new products to the market to offer safer cosmetics, personal care items, and household goods.

As more people become aware of the consequences of unhealthy eating and better understand the issues many crop yields can pose, the organic industry has blossomed to offer a better solution. But, many people remain unconvinced. Higher prices and skepticism whether organic products work as well have left some people questioning if buying organic products is really worth it. They wonder if organic food really makes a difference, both ethically or nutritionally.

We can tell you organic does make a difference. The longer you eat and use organic products, the more of a benefit it is for you. Here are eight reasons why buying organic is worth it.

  1. Organic saves you money in the long run

When deciding on an item to buy, it’s often tempting to go with the one that has a cheaper price tag. This seems to make sense at the time of purchase but doesn’t make sense when thinking long term.

We get it. Finding good deals and low prices is exhilarating. But, if you can get past the instant gratification of buying a cheap product, it’s better to think about how long the product will last. When you choose to go with the cheaper item, over time, you will end up needing to buy it again and again until ultimately you’ve spent more money than what it would have cost to buy an ethically produced and durable product from the beginning.

This is where buying for life truly shines. If you’re able and willing to make the upfront investment, buying products that last will help save you money in the long run. There are also plenty of ways to live sustainably on a budget!

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2. It’s better for the environment

The cosmetic, fashion, and household cleaning industries all take a heavy toll on the planet.

From the large amounts of pesticides used to grow cotton to the thousands of chemicals used in cosmetics and cleaning products, a heavy burden has been placed in our waterways and on wildlife.

Organic agriculture looks to decrease or eliminate these burdens by using healthier methods to grow the foods we eat and the ingredients we put into our cosmetics, clothing, and household cleaning products. It uses fewer pesticides, aims to decrease soil erosions, and improve soil conditions. When this is achieved, we see fewer pollutants in our air and water.

Using products that contain ingredients that are sustainably sourced makes good sense and helps our planet stay healthy.

3. Organic is better for your health

Many of us work hard to stay healthy through regular exercise and limiting foods that we know aren’t healthy for us. But, many of us aren’t aware that some of the chemicals we douse ourselves with every day are known irritants, allergens, and can even cause cancer.

As scientists run studies and tests, they are learning more every day about the long-term effects that these chemicals are having on us. We know that pesticides are designed to be harmful, so it makes sense not to consume them on our fruits and vegetables. And, because the soil is often healthier, organic fruits and vegetables are more nutritionally dense.

Scientists are still working to determine how much more beneficial organic products are then their conventional counterparts. Until the truth gets sorted out, it makes sense to limit our exposure to chemicals just as we do with food that we know isn’t good for us.

4. It’s better for your kids

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With the arrival of children, many parents start to think about the products they are bringing into their homes – from everyday cleaning products to the lotions, powders, and soaps used to care for their baby’s skin.

While name-brand products hold a certain level of trust among consumers, often when you read the ingredients that trust wanes. Harsh ingredients and vague fragrances can be irritating to the delicate skin of a child, causing rashes and even chemical burns. By using safer products, the risk of chemical burns to the skin or eyes is eliminated, and the air quality in your home is improved.

Using natural products means there will be no strong chemical odors, just the scent of natural essential oils, which are safer and gentler on skin. Natural products also lower the risk of respiratory problems such as asthma and lowers the risk of skin conditions or irritation, including eczema.

5. Organic is better for your pets

Don’t forget that your pets are also affected by all of the chemicals in your home. For instance, it may look cute to see your pet licking up food scraps from the kitchen floor, but he is also ingesting your floor cleaner as well.

And pet products don’t have the same stringent requirements for safety that human products do.  A great example is flea collars – they are known to cause neurological disorders in dogs and kidney failure in cats. Don’t assume that the manufacturer of your pet products feels the same way about the safety of your pets as you do.

By choosing organic products, not only are you making your home safer for you to live in, you’re making it safer for your pets as well by limiting the kinds of chemicals they could potentially get into and accidentally ingest.

6. You will feel good about your organic purchase

According to Business Insider, a study by Ogilvy Earth found that 80 percent of American shoppers want to make more sustainable choices, but only 20 percent actually follow through. By choosing organic, you will be living your values out loud. Make better choices for yourself and your family, and you will feel better about your purchases. You’ll become a more ethical, aware person.

So go for it, and spread the word. We have the tools to move towards a more sustainable, less wasteful lifestyle; don’t be scared to evangelize and change your community’s lives alongside your own.

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7. It creates a demand for better products

The fashion industry has often told us, the customers, what we should and shouldn’t be wearing.  However, the tide is beginning to turn as more and more manufacturers are opting for eco-friendly ingredients and materials and more consumers are creating a demand for them.

People recognize the value of better products. When clothing and other fashion items are designed and made with utmost care and quality, they last longer, are more ethically produced, and are better for the environment. And, when we choose to support and buy from suppliers who create those products, it makes more demand and enables them to continue creating.

The bottom line? The more people buy, the more manufacturers will respond to the demand.

8. Buying organic supports socially responsible companies

There are companies who are passionate about creating the best quality products in the most ethical manner. There are also companies who are mostly concerned about profits and making a quick sale. At which company would you want to spend your hard-earned dollars?

There really is no good alternative to going organic. It is ironic that the very things we are using to restore the appearance of youth are damaging to our health and our environment. You wouldn’t think twice about avoiding food that contains cancer causing agents, so why allow so many of them into your house?

At a minimum, it is wise to start reading the ingredient labels on the products you buy.  If there are ingredients listed that you can’t pronounce, you may want to think twice about buying that product.

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