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Beauty by Earth Facial Scrub with Superfruits & Chlorophyll – 4 oz


DISCOVER YOUR BEST COMPLEXION: No face is immune to the effects of a long day. Clear away dirt, oil, dead skin, and grime with our natural exfoliating facial scrub. We’ve filled our face scrub and cleanser with ingredients that hydrate, repair, and support your skin while gently cleaning away anything that could tarnish your complexion. The result? A face that feels light, clean, clear, and happy.

KICK ACNE TO THE CURB: As one of the best acne face washes out there, our exfoliating facial scrub and cleanser is the perfect way to keep breakouts at bay. Use it 2-3 times a week to support healthy skin and discourage breakouts. Because it contains chlorophyll and fruit extracts, our natural cleanser has antimicrobial properties. That means it will discourage the bacteria that can lead to breakouts while supplying your skin with plenty of hydrating and anti-aging compounds.

PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD: It’s nearly impossible to feel confident when your face isn’t looking its best. That’s why we designed our facial scrub to provide two complexion-boosting benefits in one. Not only does it clear away makeup, dirt, and grime, it also gently exfoliates. That means anyone of any age, gender, or skin type can experience how great it feels to greet the world with skin that’s incredibly clean, clear, and glowing.

FEED YOUR SKIN: Your skin is hungry – give it what it craves! We’ve carefully formulated our exfoliating facial scrub to contain the nutrients and compounds your skin needs to look its best. We’ve also left out anything toxic, irritating, or dangerous, so you’ll never have to worry about what you’re putting on your body. Completely natural and 100% cruelty free, this scrub will support your skin from the outside in.

Size:  4 oz

Ingredients:  Organic Aloe (Vera) Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Lauryl Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Bamboo Powder, Volcanic Pumice, Organic Vaccinium Angustifolium (Blueberry) Extract, Organic Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract, Organic Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Organic Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Organic Camellia Oleifera (Japanese Green Tea) Leaf Extract Organic Juglans Regia (Walnut) Seed Extract, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Xanthan Gum Vegetable Glycerin, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Essential Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Essential Oil, Tocopherol, Chlorophyll

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Question: What Does Your Facial Scrub Do?

Answer: Our facial scrub gently clears away dirt, oil, dead skin, grime, and anything else you don’t want messing with your complexion. At the same time, it treats you to ingredients that hydrate, repair, and nourish your skin.

Question: Is this an Organic Facial Scrub?

Answer: We use only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in our products. While not every ingredient in this scrub is certified organic, you can be sure that they are safe, non-toxic, and sourced in an environmentally responsible way.

Question: What are your Facial Scrub Benefits?

Answer: Our scrub has what your face is craving. We’ve added all the ingredients you need for a healthy complexion. Use it 2-3 times a week to keep your face clear, clean, and glowing. Because it contains chlorophyll and fruit extracts, it also has natural antimicrobial properties. Many of our customers have reported that regular use helps to control breakouts.

Question: Is this a Gentle Face Scrub for Sensitive Skin?

Answer: While we always recommend trying a new product on a small area of skin to see how you react, there’s no reason our scrub can’t be used on sensitive skin. Our formulation provides gentle cleansing and doesn’t contain any of the toxic ingredients that often lead to adverse reactions.

Question: Is this a Safe Facial Scrub for Acne?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, we even recommend it to help control breakouts. Because it contains fruit extracts and chlorophyll, this scrub naturally discourages the types of bacteria that can lead to breakouts.

Question: Is this a Good Facial Scrub for Allergies?

Answer: That depends a lot on what you’re allergic to. We’re careful to use only ingredients that are completely natural and safe for sensitive skin. However, if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients used in this scrub, you may want to be careful. Test out a little bit of scrub on a small portion of your skin before moving on to the rest of your face.

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