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Cocokind Toner – Facial Vinegar Raspberry – 4 Oz


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Our Raspberry Vinegar Toner is particularly useful for those with oily or acne-prone skin. The toner promotes circulation and healing of damaged skin, while providing antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and irritation. The acidity of the vinegar helps restore proper pH levels of our skin, reducing the over production of sebum and absorbing excess oil without over-drying skin.

Our raspberry vinegar is made the old-fashioned way, pressing actual fresh fruit into a juice and then fermenting it over a long period of time. This process creates a truly nutrient and acetic acid rich vinegar that contains a portion of the vitamins and antioxidants naturally present in the fruit.

How to use: Use after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. Spray one to two times onto a cotton pad and gently pat all over face or on breakout-prone areas.

Size: 4 oz

Ingredients: Water, Raspberry Vinegar


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Dimensions 2.06 × 2.13 × 5.75 in

Gluten Free




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