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Flat Rate Shipping! Only $5.00 per order!
  1. Cleanse and Treat hair with SmartCurl Hydrating Wash & Conditioner.
  2. Wrap hair in soft t-shirt to remove excess moisture.
  3. Mist hair liberally from roots to ends with SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner.
  4. Apply Ultimate Styling Lotion, distributing product evenly down the hair shaft.
 Use fingers to create desired ringlet shape.
  5. Let air dry. Avoid excessive touching of hair until dry. A few soft “scrunches” are ok but don’t overdo it.

Voila! Beautiful, shiny, soft, smooth ringlets.

Free from Harmful Ingredients

All EVOLVh hair care products use only the safest and highest performing natural ingredients.   EVOLVh products are made using 90% or higher organic content.  The entire line is sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free.  All products are gluten free and cruelty free as well. Experience beautiful, healthy hair without compromising your health or life values.

Our formulations, the most advanced of any other natural or organic professional line,  and advanced Phytoblend technology containing unique blends of natural active ingredients not found in other hair products, produce visible results you can see and feel. Every product in the line does multiple jobs, and is highly effective.

To make your hair life easier – we created styling products that perform multiple functions, reducing the need to layer multiple products. Each product in the line is also extremely concentrated – experience a luxury line at a great value.  Our shampoo and conditioner will likely become your favorites, not only because of the wonderful scent or the shampoo’s luxurious lather, but mostly because of how good your hair will look and feel with continued use.

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