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Natural Way Facial Waxing Stick Orange – 100% Natural Beeswax – 0.5 oz


The health benefits of Orange Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic, tonic, and sedative. Our Orange Essential Oil formula is made with 100% pure orange essential oil.

Natural Way Hard Wax Depilatories are made from PREMIUM 100% Natural Beeswax and Resins. This unmatched quality makes for an incredibly pleasant waxing experience for men and women. This strip free wax is also known as “The Natural Face & Body Wax ™”. This unique product reinvents the artform of depilatory waxing. This personal waxing stick allows you to stay clean while on the go. With three easy steps (see photos). Just light it up, apply, and pull. Comes with its own compartment that allows you to keep the waxing stick clean for a sanitary experience.

  • Waxing on the go!, Waxing at home made easy.Touch ups can be done while traveling.
  • Facial, Eyebrow, Upper Lips, Chin, & more!!! Quick, Easy, Clean & Safe.
  • 100% Natural Beeswax and Resins. Honey free. Sugar Free. Synthetic Free.
  • EASY: Apply and Pull off by hand. Strip Free.
  • CLEAN: Natural beeswax and resins make for a formula that feels smooth on the skin immediately after waxing. NATURAL WAY may be cleaned off surfaces with less residue.

Size:  0.5 oz

Ingredients:  100% Natural Beeswax, resins, pure essential orange oil



Our hard wax is hand crafted with only premium 100% natural beeswax and resins. Synthetic hard waxes cannot be applied as long and need to be applied thicker, since they tend to break more often. Our hard wax can be applied longer because it stays flexible longer. Since Natural Way Hard Wax is less sticky, it is easier to handle. Most other natural hard waxes contain honey or other ingredients. Like soft waxes, Synthetic hard waxes can also tend to crystallize when heated repeatedly which leads to breaks and painful experiences. The quality of the ingredients used in our products, in addition to our process, creates the ultimate waxing experience.

Our concept is to manufacture products using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Natural Way Depilatories are gentle for your skin and the environment. We work with responsible self sustained farms for premium quality ingredients. We always keep our packaging as minimal and friendly to Mother Earth as possible. In doing so we hope to help reduce our impact on the environment, creating a healthier and happier planet for all. At Natural Way we believe: Beautiful Earth. Beautiful You.

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