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North American Herb And Spice Conditioner – Scalpclenz – 8 Oz


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Totally chemical free.

ScalpClenz Conditioner provides the natural power of oreganol P73 plus multiple spice oil complex in an organic hair treatment. This proprietary formula moisturizes and supports healthy hair and scalp.

The spice oil complex protects against damage from hairstyling products, the sun, and environmental toxins. Supports and strengthens hair and hair roots. Use with ScalpClenz Regeneration Shampoo.

ScalpClenz Regeneration Conditioner contains absolutely no petrochemicals, dyes, gluten, colors, iodine, glycols, pesticides, glycerins, sulfates, parabins, fragrance, phosphates.

Size : 8 FZ

Ingredients:  mountain springwater, apples, strawberries, oranges, clove, ginger, pineapple, cranberries, blueberries, geranium, raspberries, blackberries, celery, boysenberries, orchid, coconut, papaya, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, oak bark, chamomile, nutmeg, calendula, jasmine, lemons, parsley, thyme, eucalyptus, cherry bark, passion flower, cinnamon, fennel oil, wild bay leaf, wild rosemary oil, sesame oil, Oreganol P73, esence of rose, essence of rosemary

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