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Royal Apparel Organic Infant Interlock Blanket


Interlocked, 100% organic cotton gives this blanket the ultimate in softness for your baby. Royal Apparel finishes and rounds the edges for complete comfort and quality. Your baby will enjoy this blanket for years to come. Comes in two colors. 39×32 is the perfect size for babies and toddlers.

Colors: Natural and Salt

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Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is one eco-friendly option that we have. Traditional cotton farming accounted for over 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticides used worldwide creating concern for drinking water supplies, wildlife, and the environment. While organic farming of natural cotton fiber is more expensive compared to traditional farming, it saves pesticide and herbicide use, soil and water degradation, and also wildlife.

Wash Instructions
Please note that our styles are not pre-shrunk. Expect 5% to 7% shrinkage after garment is washed and put in the dryer. For best results, wash cold and tumble dry low.




Salt, Natural


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