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Royal Apparel Organic Infant Hat


Soft, organic cotton will keep baby’s head warm. Double stitched hem and stretchable fabric provide excellent fit and comfort for your baby. Made with Royal Apparel’s 100% organic cotton, you’ll feel good about choosing eco-friendly products that protect our planet. Infant hat comes in seven colors to match any outfit.

Colors: Salt, Rose Pink, Natural, Heaven, Bark, Avocado, Night

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Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is one eco-friendly option that we have. Traditional cotton farming accounted for over 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticides used worldwide creating concern for drinking water supplies, wildlife, and the environment. While organic farming of natural cotton fiber is more expensive compared to traditional farming, it saves pesticide and herbicide use, soil and water degradation, and also wildlife.



Salt, Rose Pink, Natural, Heaven, Bark, Avocado, Night


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