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Willowbrook Scented Sachets – Dream Big – Pack of 3


Set of 3 envelopes

  • Simple ways to fragrance a home quickly
  • Always green, always fresh.
  • 30% recycled paper envelope.
  • Earth friendly fragrance oil.
  • 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • Made in USA


Multiple Sachets Uses

auto, bathrooms, gift baskets, closets, trash cans, vacuum bag

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Embodies an inspirational spirit layering revitalizing mint and dewy melon over zesty lemon. Pillowy bouquet of powdery violets and white freesias seal the fragrance in a floral bliss.

Handcrafted the Old Fashioned Way in the USA

Our Shampoo Bar & Bar Soap Contains 

No harsh chemicals, No artificial fragrance,

No artificial coloring,  No animal testing.

Just Natural Wellness


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