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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Maxi Pads – Regular – 24 Pads


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Chlorine Free* Not Whitened With Chlorine* Safer for Sensitive Skin – No Dyes or Fragrances Soft, Cloth-Like Cover for Comfort Reliable Protection for Moderate Flow Secure, No-Slip Adhesive You Are Making a Difference: Your choice of our chlorine free* products helps reduce the amount of dioxin polluting our air, water, and soil, and helps make the world a safer, healthier place for your family and generations to come. Most pads and pantiliners use absorbent fibers that have been whitened using chlorine-containing substances which creates dangerous toxins, like dioxin. Studies have shown a direct link between dioxin exposure in the environment and cancer, birth defects, and reproductive disorders. The absorbent fibers in Seventh Generation pads and pantiliners are chlorine free. We also use a natural absorbent material derived from wheat. You’ve made a healthy choice for your body.

*The removable peel strip is whitened with a chlorine-containing substance. We’re working to eliminate this exception so the entire product will be chlorine free.

Size : 24 count

Ingredients:   chlorine free wood pulp,
adhesives, polyolefins, silicone-coated paper, sodium polyacrylate, chlorine
free wood fiber

Weight 0.49 lbs
Dimensions 3.10 × 8.71 × 5.84 in



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