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Thayers Witch Hazel Astringent – Lavender Mint – 12 Fl Oz


Aloe vera formula – revitalize your skin with an organic preparation straight from the farm. Certified to USDA organic standards, our lavender mint witch hazel aloe vera formula astringent tones and cleanses the skin with only the purest natural ingredients. Extracted from organic hamamelis virginiana witch hazel grown exclusively for Thayers on a family farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut and organic aloe barbadensis leaf, this formula adds an enticing herbal scent of calming lavender and refreshing mint. The result is a spa for your skin and therapy for your senses since 1847.

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Ingredients : alcohol denatured, aloe barbadensis extract, glycerin vegetable, hamamelis virginiana witch hazel extract, lavandula angustifolia lavender oil, mentha piperita peppermint oil, purified water

What’s the difference between Toner and Astringent?  The ingredients are what mainly differentiate toners and astringents. Toners are water-based products, and typically include antioxidants and cell-repairing ingredients. Astringents, on the other hand, are alcohol-based products. Our astringents contain natural alcohol from botanical sources. Ingredients are also how we at Thayers determine what scents will be toners or astringents.

Thayers toners contain glycerin, which can draw water into the skin and may help soothe and buffer pH levels. Toners are also used to prime the skin for moisturizers and serums. Thayers toners may help hydrate the skin and also remove any excess dirt or grime that wasn’t cleaned off by your facial cleanser.

Thayers astringents are designed to aid in the removal of oil from the skin, and may dry out skin in the process. The alcohol content in astringents give it anti-bacterial properties, which may help individuals with acne breakouts. Be sure to use astringents in small amounts, however, as the overuse of an astringent could have the reverse effect on skin, leaving it more oily.

What does your beauty cabinet say about your skin type? Your skin type is the deciding factor between using a toner or an astringent.

Chart - Thayers Witch Hazel Astringent - Lavender Mint - 12 Fl Oz

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